Wednesday, May 04, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Another week gone by.  I  have some great news at the end. First, we'll start with what's fiberly.

I'm going for a garden shot while we can still enjoy my flowers before they burn up.  It's one o'clock in the afternoon here and already 96F/35.5C.  Supposed to get up to 98 today, it will probably make it. Just going to get hotter from here on.

I'm using the pattern Lacy Cable Knee Socks with Fleece Artist merino that the wonderful Nikki sent me in a care package.  I've started the second calf increase.  It's almost finished, then will start right in on the second one.

I finished spinning and plying the BFL/silk.  Will post a picture on Friday.  So, I started on some merino/silk that my friend from Phoenix brought down to me when she visited while D was in ICU. (too lazy to look up that post.)

Since I have a ton of handspun yarn, not too much fiber left in the stash though.  I told her after I spun it up, I would send it back so she could knit something with it.  She said she had planned a to spin a laceweight.  Sadly, she is currently wheelless.  Also is a faithful reader of my blog. *waves*

I wish I knew how to use the macro mode on the camera.  Don't know where the book is that came with it.  This is the single next to a strand of size 30 cotton.  I'm taking my time to do my finest spinning both in quality and thinness.

Here it is plyed back on itself next to the stand of cotton.  There is four ounces here, which I split in two, then split those two in half again, making sure they all went from top to bottom in order.  I should get around 850 to 900 yard minimum, I'm trying for 1000.

 Since it's too damn hot to think about knitting a sweater, much less wearing one, I've started a tank top.  Not much here to show.  It's another one of those just start knitting and make it up as I go along.  The yarn is a cotton/rayon from Henry's Attic that I dyed in peach, pink and lavender.

The New Moon was last night, so that means it's TUSAL time.  Just a strand or two added from the cross stitch I started last week. Not much more was stitched on it to be worth another picture.  My ort jar pictured between my candles on my freshly dusted stereo.  It needs a doily there.  I thought I should hurry up and make one before D gets home and clutters it back up with cd's.  However, there's not enough time for that.

The great news is at three o'clock we are having the official discharge planning meeting.  Hopefully, sometime next week, he will be home!!!  They said it could be as early as Monday or Tuesday but more likely later in the week.

They need to get a hospital bed, wheel chair, walker, commode, shower chair, and oxygen concentrator plus who knows what all else in here.  Glad we have a two bedroom.  Which means I need to clean out his office enough to fit the bed in. Feels like I'm opening my skilled nursing center right in the apartment.

I have a ton of cleaning to do in a very short time period.  My stomach has been in agony since Sunday, I'm sure it's just nerves.  However, it slows down my progress, which adds more stress, more stomach pain. Just a viscous circle.

In other news, remember my little birds?  Two of the boys thinks it's fun to stand on either side of the door and lift it open.  They've gotten is as high as an inch.  Just enough for one of the other's to think it's a good idea to fly out.  Four cats, not a good idea.  I've put a bread tie on it for now, but they just chew right through it in a day.  I'll have to find a small lock to put on there.  Boy, can they chew up some bird seed.  Walmart up the street stopped carrying the bird seed so now I have to go up to Target and they charge almost twice as much for less.

Cristy from Turtle Girl's Blog said my place reminds her of the show My Name Is Earl.  This morning I heard one of neighbors upstairs in the courtyard yelling and swearing.  It seems, as witnessed by the developmentally disabled woman who lives across from the laundry room, that someone climbed over our stone wall at 2:30 in the morning, did their wash, then defecated in our washers.  WTH!?! I don't know what the manager is going to do about the washers, but he said he's putting a lock on the laundry room door.  Meanwhile, I have three loads I need to do.  It never ends around here, I'm telling you.

The lady who's been taking me back and forth needs to go back to San Diego on Monday and will be back on Wednesday night.  So, I have to figure out transportation for those days again.  No way I could get lucky enough for him to come home on Monday, you know.

I think these two have the right idea.


Tink said...

What excellent news! It will be so nice for you to have him home and not have to drag yourself all over the shop to be there for him.

Marushka C. said...

That's terrific news that your husband will soon be home. I hope his recovery from here on is easy and fast.

Your spinning is beautiful, as always. I am still in awe of people who can spin laceweight.

by Teresa said...

Hey Denise, good news that D is coming home soon! I hope all goes well when he's there and he just gets better and better.

Good job on the spinning!! Teresa

Tami Klockau said...

GREAT NEWS!!! I'm so excited for you. I totally understand the nerves but you'll do great as the caregiver. Just put on some happy music that you can move to and forget what you're doing while cleaning. It will the do the trick.

Now on to the beautiful flowers and socks! Great pictures! I can't believe your flowers haven't burned yet! Mine already have in the front and we just had one 90 degree day. Crazy. Those socks are so so so pretty.

Halfpint said...

Congratulations on the good news. The spinning looks lovely

nursenikkiknits said...

Your spinning looks lovely and so even!

I'm so excited that D is coming home. Hooray!

melbatoast68 said...

Yea!!! I'm so happy for you! I know it will be such a relief to have him safe at home.

Your spinning is stunning!

Kate said...

(waves back) hi Denise!!!!! I am soooo glad to hear he's being discharged. That is very awesome news, and I know all the fur and feather babies will be happy to have their daddy home. Please give him a BIG hug from me - I can't wait to meet him and see all the furkids again.

BTW the lace looks AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Kate

Rudee said...

Wow. That only took three months...

So glad to hear he'll be coming home. Now maybe you can both get some rest!

I love all your fibery offerings. The BFL/silk fiber is beautiful!

Dina said...

glad to hear the good news! The spinning is amazing. I took my first official spinning class yesterday and am looking forward to actually getting somewhere with it.

Julie said...

D is coming home .... the best news ever!!!! xxxx