Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Hello Insomnia My Old Friend. I've Come To Speak With You Again.

I had planned to post on Thanksgiving, but well crap happens and then some. As far back as I can remember I've suffered from insomnia. Much to the vexation to my mother, I couldn't get my head to settle down either because I wanted to play with my dolls or something scared me. Usually it was the latter. It didn't take much to have me scared and up for nights on end. Then as a teen, I was either worried about school, or again scared of something, and the can't put it down book.

As a young mother it was no longer the imaginary ghosts and monsters that had up scared and worried but very grown up problems. Plus, the very sick child needing soothing. Sometimes it was just that one more row, stitch, needle workers know how it is. Now, in my forties, the children are grown and out on there own. I've fought all my real and imaginary monsters. However, I still often suffer with occasional bought of insomnia, brought on by worry or obsession.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving such a bout of insomnia with just cause. I'll give the bad news before the good stuff so I can leave on a good note. It all started just before we left for Tucson. I'm so sick of companies telling you one thing over the phone and the contract/lease ends up completely different and way more money than discussed. Then they use the bait and switch when you question. Oh, you spoke to such and such well, I don't know why they said, but that's not the way it is. The long and the short of it is between the apartment complex, the movers and vet we $4,000.00 over what we were originally quoted. We could have lived over three months on that money.

Instead we are down to pocket lint. OH has put in over 500 applications. The day after Thanksgiving we got our hopes up. He got a taxi driver job. The supervisor said the least any driver makes $100 per day but more usually $200. Except that OH had to walk a mile to the bus stop, get off the bus and walk another 3 miles to the shop. Work 12 hrs then make the same trip back home. So he would be gone from 4am to 8pm, 6 days a week. Which would have been ok, had he made the money they quoted. Unlike the previous companies he worked, where they split the fare 50/50, this company worked from a lease rate. They charge the driver $79.00 to take the car out, the driver has to pay the gas out of his pocket. Whatever is left over is what the driver keeps.

First day out, he wasn't getting any calls, then he got one no show. At 3pm he went back to the shop to ask what was going on, why wasn't he getting any calls. They checked the car out and found the radio cable was all chewed up, so the radio was shorting out. Fine way to run a business, send a guy out on his first day and make sure the cab is operating correctly. So they credited him his lease for that day. Second day, was the 1st, so he was kinda busy and made 80.00. Third day was very slow, and he only made 20. The problem is there is too many cabs for the business here. This company has ads on Craigslist every day, hiring new drivers. He didn't go back after the third day, it was just too much hassle for too little return, plus he was afraid of not making the lease fee and working all those hours just to get in debt to the company.

Tuesday before Thanksgiving my left leg started swelling up about 3 times its size. I remember checking the pitting edema in the ankles of CHF patients. My ankle when I pressed on it with my finger made a 3++ and took about an hour for the dent to go away. After a week, I figured out it was from sitting at the kitchen table for an hour or more. Once it started it just continued no matter where I sat. It doesn't help that I have insomnia, from worrying and not able to lay flat for a good nights sleep.

I called the Medicaid office to find out about applying so I can see a Dr. The website only states an AZ resident, not how long you have to reside in order to qualify. Back home in NY you had to reside there 6 mo. before they consider you a resident to qualify for assistance. The man told me there is no waiting period and I'm considered a resident the day I set foot on AZ soil. However, due to an influx of applications it takes 60 days to process instead of the usual 30.

The rent is now overdue with high late fees, the telephone needs to be paid by the Dec22 or we lose phone and internet. The electric should be shouting any day. I tried calling the Pima County Emergency Aid services but they just have a recording that says leave your number we'll get back to eventually. I tried the Salvation Army but when they transferred to the assistance line I got a recording they aren't helping anyone until the 28th due to their Christmas drive. They gave another number to call, however, when I called that one I got a diesel repair shop. It's been 3 days and I'm still waiting for the first agency to call back.

OH had an interview earlier this week at a restaurant just yards from us. He spoke to the owner and the head executive chef. They said they had a couple other interviews and would call later in the week. It's Friday afternoon and they haven't called. 500 applications and 3 interviews. I want to climb the mountain across the street and scream, "Won't anyone give him a job? It's that so damn much to ask?"

It's beyond maddening, and when I think about the whole situation I want to throw up and cry at the same time. He listed his two most expensive guitars on ebay. They are each worth $1000.oo but he put them up for a buy it now of 600. and an auction with a reserve. The auctions ended at 200 and 300. No way are we going through the hassle of getting them shipped for that little amount.

I'm listing yarn on Ravelry that I had in my etsy store. I have enough yarn, fiber, fabric and cotton crochet thread to pay the bills even selling them on the cheap. I'll be listing on Ravelry all weekend. I'm thinking about listing the fabric on another blog and call it Knitting Kitties Virtual Yard Sale. There is no way I'm listing anything on ebay and the other sales sites charge fees that I can't really afford right now. What do you think of the idea of listing it on a linked up blog to here? I decided on listing with Create Invent Sell for fabric.

I started this post this past Thursday with the intention of finishing up over the weekend. I took the luxury of relaxing over the weekend, it was a luxury I could little afford. Will put up an updated part 2 shortly.

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