Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who Switched My Bunnies

Something strange happened on the way down to Arizona. Well, many strange things always happens when I travel to Arizona. However, this particular strange thing is, I think somebody switched bunnies on me. They look like the same bunnies, but they sure don't act like them. I had packed all my Led Zeppelin cd's in a small box and set it aside. My son found it, taped it up and sent it on the moving truck. Dammit and I were really disappointed, the van we rented had a cd player and we were planning to make use of it.

Nippit had her spay surgery 12 days before we left. I was expecting, or hoping for a behavior change from her. Except the change I was hoping for hasn't happened, she's still Miss Dominatrix with the other buns. She was bonded with Dammit before the surgery. That has changed since she had to spend 10 days in a cage after the surgery. We let Betty out to run with Dammit, since they get along. Well, Nippit is pissed that Dammit cheated on her with another girl.

Dammit and Betty rode together in the big cage, and Nippit had smaller one to herself, as she just had her staples removed. The night we got in, Dammit decided to hump on Betty something horrible and she whined as there was no place to get away from him. We put her in a cat carrier until we could get a cage the next day. The best OH could find was a dog crate.

The carpet here is new, so we are keeping them caged. Twice a day we let them out for exercise and play time. Dammit and Betty are getting along again, so they are back together in the big cage at present. When we tried to let Nippit out with Dammit she ran right over and attacked him.


It looks much neater than this now that Betty is back in with Dammit.

The strange thing is, after 30 minutes when we chase them to put them back in their cages, they hop back in their cages by themselves. Sometimes they come up missing and when we go look for them they are sitting in their cage. If you would have told me they were going to do that before we left NY, well, I'd still be back there rolling on the floor laughing hysterically.

Dammit got to be a free roam bunny because we could not catch him to put back in his cage. Three days after neutor surgery, he jumped over the back of the couch and hid underneath up inside it to keep from being put back in the cage.

We're wondering who these new bunnies are. They look like our bunnies, but they sure don't act like them.


Mommy tell me a story.


I wonder what is in that room.



I just realized we don't have any recent pictures of Nippit hopping around. I'll have to take some tonight.

Roses are one of my favorite flowers. My favorite colors are pink, lavender and peach. Over the years, I've tried to keep miniature roses in the apartment. They've always died after a week or two. I did research online and figured out they weren't getting enough sunshine on the shelf that I was keeping them.

Bright Eyes has a fetish for roses is the reason I kept them up there. So, I put them in the window for a few hours a day and sprayed Bright Eyes when she tried to nibble them. The plants enjoyed the water spray, Bright Eyes did not. I was able to keep two rose plants alive for 6 weeks before I left. I bought two more and replanted them in another container. They are loving the sunshine here on the patio. Everyday, I'm finding new flower buds, there are about 8 tiny buds this morning. So far only one has bloomed.


Surprise, actual fiber content today. To thank my ex for fixing my spinning wheel, how better than to spin yarn and knit him some nice warm socks. I dyed this last year and forgot to mark what it is. I think it might superwash BFL. I just have to Navajo ply it, yuck. I can do it well enough, it just makes arms hurt, so not a big fan.


I found my cashmere silk and Golding spindle from Rhinebeck last year and started playing with that again. I have plans for the finished lace weight when I get it done. Just not in a hurry to get it spun up, such a luxury I'm savoring it, like the way I chocolate.


I'm in the process of sorting stuff out for sale: yarn, fiber and fabric. I don't want to open an Etsy store just to destash, so I'll list them on my other blog Knitting Kitties 2 and on the appropriate Ravelry forums. Ebay, I don't want to list there unless it comes down to it as I don't like the changes they've made regarding the sellers. I think those that have sold on Ebay know what I'm talking about.

Here's hoping OH finds a job very soon. He's had some good prospects the past couple days, fingers crossed they pan out. I'm working on my endurance to be able to handle working a part-time job. Last night I made it to the grocery store and back without my cane, about a half mile, with no stumbles from my bad leg.

Tomorrow I have a big day trip planned. It will be a surprise as to where I'm going. I'll bring the camera with me. Hopefully, I won't be too wiped out and will blog about it over the weekend.


sandrashappyplace said...

Your Flop-eared Guys are so CUTE! Good luck with settling in :)

aislinn said...

omg the bunnies are so cute!

Carol said...

Kewt bun-buns! I know wha tyou mean withthe whole getting along thing. Pagan was a bitch. Before and after fixing. She's gone now and Raven and Elvis get along so well, I'm amazed!

Susan T-O said...

oooh, that blue yarn is gorgeous! Hope your arms don't get too tired with the Navajo plying; that makes my shoulders ache, too, but I generally end up doing it so I have finished yarn without having to spin 3 bobbins first.