Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yes, I'm Still Here

Nano ended in perfect time. My pain levels have increased with a week spent in bed. I'm just not good about being online and social around the holidays. It's not that I'm anti-social, I just don't enjoy the holidays much for several years now. My son's don't even call me unless my daughter makes them. I realize I spent 20 years of my life on people who can forget me like yesterday's trash unless they want something from me. So, it's really hard to be cheerful and I really don't want to bring anyone else down with me.

The bunnies have only been coming out from under the desk long enough to eat and bathroom while I'm up. When I get up during the night they are sitting in the middle of the room. We have a cold draft that comes in the bottom of the door, is the reason I think they aren't hanging out in their usual spot. I do miss them sitting there gazing at me in the evenings.

I spent last week finishing my mom's Rhinebeck socks, finally. I finished the second sock in record time. Saturday morning, I just started the gusset decreases when she called and said she would pick me up to grocery shop in 2 hrs. I was one inch away from the toe decreases when she got here, so I took the socks with me. I knitted in the car, at the bank, in line and at the cash register. I received really odd looks at the stores. When we pulled in my parking lot, I was just finishing up the kitchener stitch. Mom kept telling to wait til next week, but I was determined to finish.

No picture of the finished pair, but here is a picture of the first sock with what was left of the skein.


Also a shot of the calf shaping and the gusset.


Mom called me later that evening and said they fit her perfectly. Yay!!

I'm now working on her requested leg warmers. I'm using the two socks on circulars method working from the inner and outer portion of a center pull ball. I can't say I'm all that impressed with the method, but it works for this project. No pictures yet.

I've been tagged, so I'll be back soon. Just don't mind the fact that I'm ignoring the seasonal celebrations, sort of. I'm baking cookies with GD this week, and there is my fudge and peanut brittle making for family gift giving. Which reminds me of a question I asked my mom while buying supplies.

Why is it when I buy an expensive cookie or candy tray from the store it feels like a nice gift, but I when I make it myself and give even more than on a store tray I feel like I'm being cheap? I don't have an answer.


Carol said...

feel free to ignore holidays. I haven't even bothered to put up my lights or the tree.

But don't forget that we love you! I was wondering the other day why I didn't see y ou on Plurk. Then you reappeared and it made sense!

Daniele said...

Hugs and Kisses to you Sweet Pea. No decorations at my house either (except if you count the Christmas cards taped to the front door).

Gorgeous socks! Mom should cherish you. :)