Tuesday, June 12, 2012

So Sad

I haven't been around much this year, so busy with work.  Along way, I'm so tired when I get home, I lost interest in my knitting.  Work is going well, though.  A woman at work makes yo-yo quilts while she's on the phone. I was thinking that would be a great way to use up my mountain of quilting fabric without much effort.  This weekend, I sorted through some of it.

This past weekend, our Butterscotch stopped eating and drinking very little. A few days before, instead of fighting me over my chair, he started sleeping on the floor in the corner next to my chair.

We took him to the vets.  His liver is completely shut down.  The vet thinks it's liver cancer.  They re-hydrated him and sent him home with us for a couple days.  Wednesday at 9am, we take him back to be put to rest.

He was born in my closet on Memorial Day, May 31, 1999.  A week later, I injured my back at work and was put on bed rest.  The kittens were just opening their eyes.  We laid in bed together, just staring at each other.  Butterscotch has been my constant companion, ever since.

He loved to sit and watch the birds. 

My chair thief.

Lover of catnip.

Such a wonderful gentleman.  In the mornings he would let the girls eat their can breakfast first.

My knitting and spinning wheel buddy.

Before we got Dammit bunny, he was best friends with our Lexie bunny.  They would curl up together in front of the bookcase.  He would take his big clumsy seven-toed paw and try to pet her head, just the way we would pet him. Lexie resides on a shelf in our closet now.  Soon, Butterscotch will join her, to keep her company again.

Butterscotch, May 31, 1999 - June 13, 2012

We will miss you!


Cole said...

So sorry about your kitty... take care.

Figaro said...

I am so sorry to hear this, sounds like he was in the prefect home and he lived a very happy life while he was with you. Sending you and Duane hugs.

Julie said...

God bless you both Denise, i have been thinking of you and wondering how you were both doing.
Such sad news when a much loved and adored pet crosses that rainbow bridge, but as my vet tells me, its the ultimate love we can give them to end their suffering. xxxx

Linda said...

So sorry about your Butterscotch. It' very hard to lose a member of the family - even the 4 legged ones. God bless you, Denise.

Melissa said...

I'm so sorry for your loss! I know he will be missed terribly. Sending love your way.

Kate said...

I am so, so, so very sorry :( Big hugs from Phoenix.

by Teresa said...

Aww... so sorry for your loss.. I don't know what we'll do when our dog or cat goes. Thinking of you and D. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Rudee said...

Oh, Denise, I'm so sorry.